Art_4087 Creativity is one of the Carfield values and is promoted across maths and science as well as the art curriculum. Children are taught a basic framework of art techniques and the use of specialist materials and tools. It is a springboard for children to develop and create ideas that help them to make sense of the world around them. It is also vital to provide opportunities for children to express themselves in a variety of media.

Results, and often processes, of our artwork make a significant contribu­tion to the stimulating and attractive working environment that we try to create in our school. At the end of the year we aim to collate examples of work from the classes to create a whole school exhibition of work. We aim to reach high standards of artwork reflecting a wide range of approaches, media and styles.Art_4211

A sketchbook will be kept by the children throughout the school to demon­strate their progress, talent and enjoyment.