Art and Design & Technology


Creativity is one of the Carfield values and is promoted across maths and science as well as the art curriculum. Children are taught a variety of art techniques and the using a wide range of materials and tools. It is also vital to provide opportunities for children to express themselves in a variety of media.

We are proud that our artwork makes a significant contribu­tion to the stimulating and attractive working environments that we try to create in our school.

A sketchbook will be kept by the children throughout the school so children are able to record their ideas and revisit their ideas to demon­strate their progress, talent and enjoyment.

We look at how a range of artists, architectures and designers have helped shape the world we live in and how they have had an impact on the modern world.

Design and Technology

In design and technology we look at a variety of skills. There are five key elements to our design and technology curriculum, design, make, evaluate, technical knowledge and cooking and nutrition. We aim to address all of these areas throughout the year.

We encourage children to share their ideas and creativity to develop a product based on a given brief. This will include researching, evaluating, planning and creating.