Congratulations Asher


On Tuesday, 20th February 18, during half term, Asher presented a ‘Big’ cheque to The Children’s Hospital Charity with the total funds raised from his ‘One Mile Challenge Swimming Challenge’. The cheque was for a whopping £1,103.49!

Asher successfully completed his one mile swim on the 31st January 18 and with total determination he completed his challenge in 1 hour and 45 minutes doing breaststroke.

The money raised will be donated equally between The Ryegate Children’s Centre, Therapy Unit and The Giggle Doctors, who provide entertainment for children on the wards of the Sheffield Children’s Hospital.
It’s an understatement to say that Asher is totally over the moon and thanks everyone for donating.

Asher chequeWell done Asher! We are very proud of you!

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