The geography syllabus ensures that geographical enquiry and skills are used when developing understanding of places, patterns and processes, environmental change and sustainable development. In themes the pupils explore the areas below.Geography_4115

Educational visits to areas of interest and residential activities are made available to enrich our geography studies. As pupils study geography they encounter different societies and cultures. This helps them realise how nations rely on each other. It can inspire them to think about their own place in the world, their values and their rights and responsibilities to other people and the environment. Below is an example but planning can change.

EYFS – Trips around the locality and Park, journeys from home to school.

Y1 – Enchanted Wood and Mapping of traditional tales.

Y2 – Land Ahoy! – Travels across the sea, The British Isles and Maps of the World – use google Earth, maps, atlases and globes.

Y3 – Urban Pioneers – Street maps, Sheffield locality, Compass Points – link to Meersbrook Park Walled Garden

Gods and Mortals – Journeys mapped of mythical creatures,

mapping skills

Tremors / Volcanoes – Contrasting land masses and geology. Rock formations

Y4 – Traiders and Raiders – Reasons why people colonise and take new lands

Mapping skills of journeys

Road trip USA – Continents and states compared to Island

and Counties

Y4 – Misty Mountain Sierra – How mountains were formed, human and physical geography

Use maps, atlases and globes, computerised digital mapping. Link to Meersbrook Park Walled Garden

Y5 – Allotments – Land use and conservation – link to Meersbrook Park Walled Garden

Stargazers – Identifying physical features of the Earth.

Alchemy Island/ Castleton Residential – Map reading using

coordinates, physical and human impact on the environment

Contrasting location

Rock formations

Y6 – St. Lucia – Contrasting location, sustainability and tourism.

Map reading, coordinates, compass points and Google earth.

A Child’s War – Features of cities and contrasts with villages/

urban and countryside contrasts .