History is a fascinating subject and Sheffield is steeped in interesting areas and stories. We try to make much of the topic based on first- hand experi­ence, role play and visits in addition to using secondary resources. Often the history topic will be the driver of the topic. Below is an example but planning changes to take advantage of events in the news or in Sheffield.

EYFS – Dinosaurs, When I was Young,

Y1 – Moon Zoom – History of Space Exploration

Super Heroes – Real life Heroes and Heroines in history

Memory Box – Changes in living Memory “ Look after your memories for you cannot relive them.” Bob Dylan

Y2 – Bounce – Significant Sporting Heroes

Street Detectives – Changes to our environment, city, over the years.

Land Ahoy! – Captain Cook, Grace Darling and Various Pirates!

Y3 – Scrumdiddlyumptious – History of James Lind

(Cured scurvey with limes!)

God and Mortals – Mythology of Ancient Greece

Tremors – Pompeii

Urban Pioneers – Local History study

Tribal Tales – Prehistoric Living from Stone Age to Iron Age

Y4 – Traiders and Raiders – Anglo Saxons and Vikings

Potions – History of medicine

Road trip – Native American struggle with settlers.

Y5 – Ancient Egyptians

Star Gazers – Significant individuals – Stephen Hawking, Galileo, 1960s Space Race

Y6 – Fallen Fields – History of World War 1

A Child’s War – History of World War 2

Gallery Rebels – History of Art