Children need to be competent and fluent in mathematical skills and have quick recall of basic number facts. Mental arithmetic (oral and written) multiplication tables and other computational skills are therefore seen as an important part of the work that we encourage to learn by Y4. The schools plan­ning is in line with the National Curriculum and has an emphasis on ensuring that the children learn concepts that they can apply to every -day life. Our planning covers work across the National Curriculum including number, fractions, decimals, money, measurement, shape and graphical representation, including investigations, problem solv­ing, mathematical games and practical activities. We use a resource called Numicon with support materials and multi -sensory techniques to support all learners.

We use a variety of sources to help broaden the children’s mathematical experience and understanding as well as to have fun with their learning. Maths is creative and can be used across the curriculum. We aim for all children to enjoy this subject and to see themselves as mathematicians.

A copy of our Calculations Policy is included.

We promote using the methods published below and not teaching children short cuts or methods that were taught when we were at school. Please see your class teacher for more details.

addition – counting on(1)

addition – counting on(2)

addition – column

addition – expanded colum

subtraction – taking away(1)

subtraction – taking away(2)

subtraction – number line finding the difference(1)

subtraction – number line finding the difference(2)

multiplication – count in multiples(1)

multiplication – count in multiples(2)

multiplication – short

multiplication10 – long

division1 – counting in multiples

division2 – counting in multiples

division3 – counting in multiples

division4 – counting in multiples

division8 – short

division9 – long