Our Values and Ethos

Our school motto is T.E.A.M meaning Together Everyone Achieves More. We are an inclusive school where every child is valued. We endeavour to inspire all children  to enjoy and relish their learning experiences and make the best progress that they can. Whilst understanding the importance of ensuring that all of our children make the best academic progress , we are also committed to developing the wider skills and talents that our children possess. We have a broad and balanced curriculum that includes R.E, Personal Social Health Citizenship Education, E Safety, music, drama, dance, sport, philosophy, computing and Spanish language acquisition opportunities. We have a desire to develop the whole child and equip them with the skills and attitudes that will enhance their lives.

Carfield Primary is a T.E.A.M. We are a diverse school that accepts and celebrates our dcore valuesifferences. We have class assemblies to showcase our learning to our parents and celebrate national and international festivals.

Our School Governing Body are supportive and challenging. They hold staff accountable for the standards in the school and support the changes that are implemented. Our Governors come into the school as often as possible during training days, staff meetings and events for parents. They have an informed knowledge of the school and are able to bring a broad perspective to any concerns or issues.

We are a T.E.A.M as we work closely with our local communities. Carfield Friends are parents and teachers who fund raise throughout the year planning exciting opportunities for the children to enjoy. Our children attend Meersbrook Park After School Club and we appreciate their support. The Meersbrook Park Walled Garden is used by the school throughout the year and we are developing closer links with our religious communities for visits within the RE curriculum.

We host students regularly from Sheffield Hallam University, the University of Las Vegas, Nevada and Spanish Students from the University of Cordoba.

We enrich our curriculum through using local museums, places of interest and residential visits. We have positive links with all of the venues that we use and the children are provided with memorable experiences.

Our Carfield values are focussed upon each month. We have 22 “Words of the Month” over a 2 year cycle. These include, Respect, Tolerance and Acceptance,  Kindness and Cooperation. We believe that these promote core modern British values. In RE, PSHCE and particulary through Philosophy for  Children (P4C) sessions, these values are explored further in a context that the children can access.

We hold a celebration assembly each week. The teachers each nominate a star of the week for an award. The teacher will give their reasons during the assembly. We also provide a cup for; Reader of the Week, Writer of the Week, Carfielder and the Head teacher nominations. The emphasis is on attitude, effort and community spirit, demonstrating their part of the Carfield Team.

All children belong to one of four Houses. Loxley, Sheaf, Rivelin and Porter. House points are provided for team effort and demonstrating our positive Carfield attitude.

Our school is friendly, welcoming and has a special ethos that encourages all children to thrive.



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