Religious Education and Collective Worship (Assemblies)

Carfield Primary embraces and celebrates the diversity of the faiths and beliefs that are held within our community. The school uses PSHCE (social education) and Religious Education to promote the British Values of toler­ance, respect, individual liberty and democracy. Our curriculum explores the main faiths of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Judaism. It follows the Sheffield Agreed Local Syllabus and includes trips and speak­ers from our main faith groups. We aim to enrich this area with hands on experiences and question and answer sessions. We encourage the children to share their faith or beliefs and customs.

We aim to encourage in the children an awareness of the belief in God, to enable them to understand the nature of religious belief, to have a knowl­edge of the life and teachings of Christ and to religious leaders. Above all we aim to foster love and tolerance towards each other. In addition to this, our school vision embraces diversity; we aim to give children insight into other religious beliefs and customs, so that they develop an understanding of their community, promoting cohesion.

The teaching of Religious Education is primarily the concern of the class teacher. Parents have a right to withdraw their child from RE and a letter expressing this wish should be sent to the head teacher.RE_4091


Collective Worship is held daily within the individual classrooms. This may consist of discussing current events and gives children an opportunity to raise topics they wish to discuss.

We ask speakers to address the assembly and we aim for at least one visi­tor each half term. Each class has the opportunity to perform an assembly each year. Parents are invited and the dates are published in the leaflet Dates for Your Diary, available on the website.