School Closed Thursday 1st March 2018

Many thanks to the support we have received from you during this period of snow. The decision to open or close has to be made very early and of course today the conditions worsened. We can always feed the children although the menu may change due to limitations of delivery but the kitchen has plenty of contingency food. The decision to open also depends on the duty of care to yourselves and staff. The Local Authority rightly urges schools to stay open so that the infra structure of Sheffield continues to function as many of you work in the public sector also. However, as the forecast tomorrow appears to be as unsettled as today with the added hazard of freezing temperatures overnight, I have decided to close. This gives you the chance to make arrangements for your children. When the school is open, we are legally obliged to give an absence mark if you decide to keep the children at home. Therefore tomorrow the school will provide a Y code for absence, which means I have closed the school. When the school is open it is because I know that the ratio of staff is guaranteed and your children can be fed. I have no power to change this coding situation. Thanks again for your understanding and continued support.

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