Science is creative, fascinating and a significant subject in our curriculum. It forms an important part of cross-curricular topic work. In this subject weaim to develop the understanding of science as an integral part of life in a modern world, and develop a wide range of skills, knowledge and processes to as high a level of understanding and expertise as possible for each child. Scientific investigations include observation, measuring, classifying and identifying patterns, explanations and making hypotheses. Children are taught to handle tools and equipment safely, design and make things that work, and use scientific concepts to solve practical problems.

Science 3541


Science topics are in line with National Curriculum guidelines and include life and living processes, an awareness of the materials and their proper­ties. Children learn about physical processes, energy, forces and machines, with special emphasis on how these affect life on earth, in time and space.

We are developing partnerships with our secondary schools in this subject area and hope to make use of the expertise of the secondary science staff. We are looking to invite scientists into school and link to STEM (Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathematicians who volunteer in schools).

Our aim to excite our children into a love of these subjects in readiness for their next phase of schooling.