Sex and Relationships Education

After careful consideration the Governors decided that the school should offer a programme of sex and relationships education. Sex education is not taught in isolation but as part of the science curriculum subject area of growth and development. It is appropriate to the pupils’ age and experi­ence and is presented within a framework of mutual affection and respect, within the family. The children look at life cycles from EYFS up to Y5.

In Y5, the work in the term includes human reproduction. A series of T.V. programmes about human puberty is shown and discussed with the chil­dren in separate sex classes.

This is revisited in Y6.

In the summer term, teachers talk to Year 5 and Year 6 girls about men­struation. They also talk to the Year 6 boys and girls about the changes that affect both boys and girls during puberty.

A video that covers puberty, childbirth and aspects of being a parent, is shown and there are opportunities for discussion. Parents are notified before this work is undertaken.

There are booklets for the children to bring home and discuss with you.

Parental permission is sought.