We have used Sports Premium funding to develop our Sports in school. Children are encouraged to participate and enjoy all sporting activities. We endeavour to develop a positive attitude by encouraging honest competi­tion and good sporting behaviour. Whilst the aim is to win, we emphasise the importance of participation and fair play.

There are numerous opportunities to be involved in sport outside the normal P.E. lessons. These include, athletics, gymnastics, football, fencing, badminton and karate

The school participates in a number of competitive activities organised for the benefit of primary schools across the city and the transport is paid for by the Sports premium.

There is a section on Sports Premium in Our School on the website.

All jewellery is to be removed “The policy of the Governing Body, adopted in line with Local Authority guidance, is that no jewellery is to be worn for any physical activity, including watches and wristbands. Under no circumstances jewellery can be taped over during physical education activities, even if parents have given written permission to do so. Earrings must be removed prior to a PE lesson, either by the child themselves or their parent prior to PE sessions. Failure to remove earrings may result in a child being asked to sit out of a lesson. Parents are made aware of this when considering children having ears pierced during term time. Long hair, irrespective of gender, must be tied back.”

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