Sports Premium

Sports premium funding

At Carfield, we believe that Physical Education offers something for every child to aspire towards and we encourage as much active time as possible. Children are able to develop skills in a supportive environment, where co-operation, co-ordination and competition are all seen as fundamentals. We aim to support the development of individual, team and competitive games in order for all children to remain healthy, active and fit!

The children at Carfield benefit from having active break and lunchtimes where they are able to play with equipment to develop their own team games to become more competitive. Our big goal at Carfield is for children to become more active and understand the importance of being fit and healthy. As a school we are building on intra and inter school competition, as well as local competitive games, ensuring as many children get the chance to represent Carfield in different sports.

The money allocated to the school  was allocated in the following ways:

Purchase Cost Impact
Points Learning Network – membership for 2 years and specialist coach.








Points Network games x2 teams.

£4800 Staff received CDP from a coach in how to deliver and what changes they could make to P.E. lessons. The coach also assist myself in running lunchtime clubs for Y2 (56 children) and Y3/4 ( 30 children). As well as after school clubs for Y3-6

– athletics = 25 children

– basketball club = 20 children

–  sports club = 35 children

Entry into the Sainsbury’s school games. As a school we competed in the Sports Hall athletics, Key steps gymnastics, Mini-Red tennis, Drax cricket, Hot shots basketball and Tri-golf.

30 Y2 children and 30 Y3/4 children went to the English Institute of Sport to compete against other schools.

Transportation to football matches, athletics at the EIS and other competitions £569 Without mini-buses and coaches we would not have been able to take part in the number of events that we did. This allowed many children to represent the school for the first time in competitions we have never entered before.
Kit –

Brand new basketball kit which can also be used in netball and handball

Replacement gymnastics kit.

Football kit – new goalkeeping trousers, gloves and shin pads.








We entered the Hot shots competition for the first time and now have kit that can be used in the future in basketball, handball and netball.

Some kit has been lost and extra was needed for more children to enter the competition.

Used by children who pupil premium children so that they could represent the school football teams.

Membership with the SSSF £40 Entry to the football leagues for boys and girls (the girls won the league). Entry into the cups.
SWFC – coaches in to offer CPD to staff, lunchtime club and after school club, £2240 Lunchtime football sessions for Y 5 and 6 boys in the hall.

G and  T group in autumn term to improve and develop a range of sporting skills.

Sessions with classes throughout school.

Extra lunchtime session for Y3 and 4 boys in the hall.

Replenished hall equipment and bought new equipment for clubs. £331.26 More equipment to be used in P.E.

New resources to be used in lunchtime and after school clubs.

New athletics equipment – indoor javelins, speed bounce mat, long jump mat, hurdles. £306 Athletic clubs for children from Y2-Y6. With the majority of the children representing the school at one of the many competitions we went to.
New outdoor play equipment £600 All phases were given £300 to spend on equipment for outdoor play to prevent P.E. equipment from going missing and getting damaged.

Only Foundation Stage and Key Stage one have spent this money so far.

Match day experience at Sheffield Wednesday £200 Taking the girls football team to visit the ground, training facilities, meeting players, training by coaches, lunch and watching the match against Norwich City. Following this experience, the first for many of the girls, they did not lose a match and won the league.
Sheffield Eagles Rugby club £424 P.E. lessons and Y1 after school club
Key Stage 2 sports day at the EISS £1106 All KS2 children went to the EISS to take part in a sports day.
Ipad and cover for Sue Tindale and the gymnasts to use in training and competition. £329 The girls are able to film their routines and see where they can improve.

The girls finished 5th, 2nd and 1st at the Key steps competitions. 1st and 2nd in the South Yorkshire finals and went to National finals.

Y2 Gymnastics club equipment £179 Better lunchtime club and more equipment to use.

In addition to this the school also received £664 as a result of the sponsorship money received from having a Great British athlete attend the school for Olympic day. The money raised was split between the athlete and the school. We have used this money to buy the athletics equipment so that more children can take part in athletics clubs and practise using the equipment they come across in competitions.




Future spending –

So far the plan for the money is as follows:

Specialist coach from Points learning network  to continue working alongside staff and running clubs that prepare children for competitions,

Training for 25 Y6 children to become Young Sport leaders at the start of the year, later in the year 25 Y5 children will be trained so that they are ready for the new year (September 2016). High-visibility  jackets for the children to wear when they are on duty and money set aside to by equipment they need for the yard.

Kit – golf and cricket t-shirts for children to wear at competitions when representing the school ( from April 2015).

Staff training day – delivered by Points – delivered in January 2016.

Coaches from SWFC – extra sessions on a Friday afternoon to make up for P.E. time lost in the year due to the halls being unavailable or bad weather outside.

More athletics equipment (speed bounce mats and mats to measure throwing competitions) to use at sports day and in athletics clubs at school.

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