Sports Premium

At Carfield, we believe that Physical Education offers something for every child to aspire towards and we encourage as much active time as possible. Children are able to develop skills in a supportive environment, where co-operation, co-ordination and competition are all seen as fundamentals. We aim to support the development of individual, team and competitive games in order for all children to remain healthy, active and fit!

The children at Carfield benefit from having active break and lunchtimes where they are able to play with equipment to develop their own team games to become more competitive. Our big goal at Carfield is for children to become more active and understand the importance of being fit and healthy. As a school we are building on intra and inter school competition, as well as local competitive games, ensuring as many children get the chance to represent Carfield in different sports.

For the academic year 2017-18, with the doubled sports premium budget, as a school we received £20, 760.

As with the previous three years a large amount of the sports premium budget has gone to Points Learning Network. From this we get support from their staff, entry to both the Network games and festivals, training for Young Leaders and a specialised coach (Andrew Staley) who works in school on a Monday delivering and support staff with P.E. lesson and the running a both a lunchtime and after school club, which are free to the children.

In addition to this, the services of SWFCCP have also been purchased to offer an afterschool, initial for the girl’s football team opening up to the whole school from Easter. As with last year money has also been spent to buy in the service of a trained cheerleading coach to provide training for the cheerleading squad to enter the Schools games competition and to subsidise the dance club she runs after school.

The school has paid for entry into the SSFS which allows the school to entry the football leagues, summer athletics and orienteering competitions.

A substantial amount of the budget this year has gone on replacement of kits and the purchase of additional kits for the children to wear when they are representing the school. We feel it is important for the children to look and feel like a team. New leotards were purchased for the gymnastics squad for the Key steps School games competition. All four teams now have the same leotards.

A new football kit was purchased for the children who represented the school in the Key stage 1 football festival held by Points. In addition to this new kit was also purchased for the girl’s football team and the boys who represented the school in both Y4 and 5 at football.

To meet a target on the action plan in which we wanted to increase the profile of P.E. and physical activity, in the form of the mile a day,  money was used to purchase staff jumpers/hoodies which are to be worn during P.E. lessons. This sets an example to the children in staff wearing correct kits for P.E. as well as participating in the session. Additional P.E. kits were purchased and distributed around the school to ensure children have correct kits for P.E.

Additional t-shirts for the athletics team were also purchased to allow us to take 3 teams to the network games, run by Points, instead of two teams as we have had a greater uptake of children wanting to participate in athletics this year. Cheerleading dresses and pompoms have been purchased for the cheerleaders to wear and use in the school games competition. For the first time we entered the Rugby competition so a kit was also purchased for the children to compete in Rugby.

Josh Shaw, a cricketer from Yorkshire County Cricket club came to visit the children in Year 5. They had an hour’s long questions and answer session with him. This was a small cost which was paid for using the Sports Premium budget. From this there was a great interest in cricket for the Y5 children, therefore additional cricket t-shirts and hats were purchased to take 3 teams to the kwik-cricket competition – the girls reached the city finals.

Money has also been used to release myself and other staff for CPD sessions, Network conferences, meetings and to take children to the various competitions.

Like last year we have taken part in many of the school games competitions as well as mini competitions and games against local schools as a result we often need transport to get us there meaning some money is used on mini buses and coaches.

Money was allocated to provide more equipment for outdoor provision in both Foundation stage and Year 1, as well as equipment for lunchtimes and replacement P.E. equipment.

In line with the new matrix for the P.E. curriculum additional P.E. equipment was purchased to allow for a greater coverage of sports and skills.

Proposed spending for 2018-19

  • With an additional focus now on swimming I will look into the possibility of having additional swimming sessions for children in Y5 who did not reach the required distance.
  • Continue to buy in the services of Andy Staley to provide free clubs for children and CPD for staff,
  • After having tennis taster sessions provided by Graves Tennis centre looking into the possibility of having a tennis club in school for children,
  • Continue to subsidise the costs of clubs such as dazzle dance, SWFCCP to allow these to run and be accessed by children,
  • Additional equipment for KS1 continuous provision and new equipment for FS1 and FS2 outdoor provision.