Carfield Primary School Staff

Headteacher: Mrs. Lorna Culloden
Deputy Headteacher: Mr. A. Digby
Assistant Headteacher: Mrs. D. Fulk

Foundation Stage:
Phase Leader: Mrs. K. Wells
Nursery teacher: Mrs. S. Howarth
Foundation Stage 2 teachers: Mrs. L. Matthews/Mrs C. Roberts, Miss. J. Keyworth

Foundation Stage Support Staff: Mrs. M. Brice, Ms. C. Elrick (HLTA), Mrs. H. Fizakerley, Mrs. S. Tindale (HLTA), Mrs. M. Walsh, Ms T. Guymer, Mrs. R. Akther, Mrs. C. Carlisle, Mrs. K. Reedman

Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2):
Phase Leaders: Mrs. K. Wells for Y1 and  Mrs. H. Weaving for Y2
Year 1 & 2 teachers:  Miss. J. Shaw, Miss. J. Anderson, Ms. N. Allen, Mrs. L. Davis covered by Ms. Thomas, Mrs. S. Smith/Mrs. A. Gabreau, Ms. S. Lastra – Jackson

Key Stage 1 Support Staff: Ms. R. Akers, Mrs. K. Cooper, Mrs. J. Cuttall, Mrs. C. Munro,

Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 & 4):
Phase leader: Mrs. H. Weaving
Year 3 & 4 teachers: Ms. Hallam, Ms. Hudson, Mr. Padmore covered by Mrs. Hague and Mrs. Storey, Miss. Pillar, Ms. Kelly, Mr. Styles.

Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 & 6):
Phase Leader: Mr. A. Digby
Year 5 & 6 teachers: Mrs. C. White, Mr. J. Crabtree, Mr. T. Crossley, Miss. Fordham, Mr. J. Thompson, Miss. S. Thomas

Key Stage 2 Support Staff: Mrs. C. Cadman, Mrs. W. Evans, Mrs. R. Akther, Ms. Lynes, Mrs. K. Plumtree, Mrs. A. Akers

Key Stage 1 & 2 HLTAs: Mrs. J. Eason, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. T. Turpin, Mrs. P. Lightowler

Learning Mentor: Mrs. K. Johnson

School Manager: Mrs. L. Smith

Admin: Mrs. H. Morgan, Mrs. G. Pickford, Mrs. F. Wilson

Midday Supervisory Assistants:
Ms. G. Blackwell, Mrs .C. Carlisle, Miss. A. Dodd, Miss. Costello, Mrs. S. Grant, Mr. S. Francis, Mrs. J. Owen, Mr. D. Kaye, Mrs. K. Newbould, Mrs. J. Saunders, Mrs. S. Gribbin

Buildings Supervisor: Mr. D. Green, Mr. C. Portaluri

Updated September 2017


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