Statement of Intent and our commitment to British Values

At Carfield Primary School we are a TEAM:-

Together Everyone Achieves More

We all endeavour to:-

  • care for one another with respect, empathy and understanding
  • strive to achieve our full potential
  • be responsible for our decisions and choices to reflect our core values
  • fulfil our role as effective citizens in our learning community
  • encourage different ways thinking and creativity in all we do
  • excel as resilient, enterprising individuals
  • develop all our intelligences
  • instil lifelong learning in all our pupils

We have a team ethos, each of us having an important and meaningful role. We are proud of our inclusive, diverse and caring school.

We encourage independent thinking and problem solving through an enquiry based curriculum.

We provide a good quality, creative and challenging environment in which every child enjoys and achieves and has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We are committed to learning that extends beyond the classroom and school hours and endeavour to provide or signpost quality services for our children, families and the community.

We believe that a good foundation of skills, knowledge, positive attitudes and self confidence created in the every year provides a firm base on which our continued success is built.

Our Statement of Intent is underpinned by Four Principles and the Five Outcomes.

Four Principles

  1. 1.    We treat every child as an individual:-
  • We ensure that every area of holistic development;- physical, cognitive, linguistic, spiritual, social and emotional, is given equal weighting
  • We celebrate the achievements, value and respect the diversity of the individual, the family and our community
  • We develop determination, resilience and self confidence in our learners in striving to achieve their potential
  • We support the emotional, social, mental, environmental and spiritual well being of all individuals to achieve enthusiasm for and happiness in learning
  1. 2.    We encourage positive relationships:-
  • We learn to have self discipline, acknowledge the feelings of others and ensure that interactions are based on co-operative, respectful and caring relationships
  • We work collaboratively with parents in partnership to have a positive impact on children’s learning
  • We support the children’s learning through trusting relationships to encourage focussed and hard working individuals
  • We give reassurance within a calm, safe and caring environment
  1. 3.    We provide an enabling environment:-
  • We ensure that effective planning for learning considers the, development, skills, attributes and  interests of our learners
  • We plan experiences that are challenging yet achievable, ensuring progression, raising attainment and reaching goals
  • We provide a vibrant and varied environment that supports leaning and development and is inclusive
  • We endeavour to work in partnership with other professionals and the wider community to support learning
  1. 4.    We are continuously learning and developing:-
  • We encourage creativity and exploration of learning environments, whilst learning to interact effectively with each other
  • We ensure accessible and active leaning is achieved through a range of physical, social, emotional and mental challenges
  • We aim to develop creative and critical thinkers who ask questions and make connections in learning
  • We plan to ensure that skills and attributes are not learned in isolation, are connected and transferable

 We promote the British Value of Democracy

  • We listen to all views
  • We debate arguments for and against decisions and situations
  • We get involved
  • We express our views peacefully
  • We vote and respect the result of the majority

We promote the British Value of Rule of Law

  • We make sure rules and expectations are clear
  • We know the difference between right and wrong
  • We know rules protect us
  • We respect rules

We promote the British Value of Individual Liberty

  • We are responsible for our own behaviour
  • We challenge stereotypes and bias
  • We are an anti bullying school
  • We promote self knowledge, self esteem and self confidence
  • We model freedom of speech in a peaceful manner

We promote the British Value of Respect, Tolerance and Acceptance

  • We promote respect
  • We have respect for our own and others’ cultures and traditions
  • We discuss and celebrate differences of faith, ethnicity, disability, gender and families