Year 1


Year 1 is an important transition year where our children build on the knowledge and skills taught in the Reception classes. There is a focus on play and self direction in the first few weeks of the year and the teacher directed activities are phased in gradually through activities building up to whole class teaching.

The topics covered are varied and range from a literacy, maths and science main focus or ” driver”. The children are encouraged to be independent but are given support and good resources to help them achieve.

The National Curriculum underpins the content and skills that are taught and the teachers select Topics and activities that will interest and inspire the children.

We use Numicon Maths resources and planning materials. This is a visual resource that children manipulate and share with partners to support their understanding of number. Practical maths is a feature of Y1 teaching and we foster an enjoyment of maths as the children acquire their understanding. Magic Maths is a teacher led activity revising learning and number facts for a short period each day with the whole class working on problems appropriate to their stage of development.

Phonics and Reading are taught through a programme called Read Write Inc. This is a dedicated daily lesson taught in ability groups appropriate to the child’s understanding. Games, songs and reading activities are practised with the adult leading the groups and supporting the learning closely. The aim of the programme is for the children to learn their sounds and blends and move off the programme to independent reading as soon as is appropriate.

Religious Education is taught in line with the Sheffield Agreed Syllabus and the children are taught an appreciation of the faiths prevalent in Sheffield. Common features of human beliefs and also non beliefs are studied in a hands on and fun way often through stories and role play.

A Curriculum Booklet with more detail is sent home each half term with a copy available in Letters on this website.

A useful link for parents to access the National Curriculum is:

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