Year 2

Year 2 builds on the skills and knowledge taught in Y1 and the children by this time are very familiar with the school routines and expectations. This is the year that the children have Statutory Assessments called SATs  in Reading, Writing, Spelling and Grammar ( SPAG) and Maths. The children are well prepared and supported leading up to and during the assessments which take place in the first half of the summer term.

Topics continue to link the learning experiences with the aim to interest and involve the children in their learning. The National Curriculum underpins the content and the teachers plan activities to allow children to apply their skills and deepen their knowledge.

Numicon Maths is the resource that the children use to visualise and adapt their thinking and problem solving. This resource is used from Nursery to Y6.

We use an approach to teaching reading called Reciprocal Reading. In Y2 this is used in addition to our  Read Write Inc Phonic teaching. The children read a shared book in a group and led by the teacher, they predict, question, clarify and summarise all that they have read. The teacher also pair reads books with children. This is where they read the text together with the teacher leaving gaps for the child to read alone where appropriate. All classes have a Book Corner and reading is highly valued in the school.

Children are provided with phonic teaching throughout Y2.

Curriculum letters are sent to parents each term providing more detail on the areas to be taught.

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