Year 3

We have recently visited Creswell Crags to start our Stone Age topic. This was a was a fantastic day out where we learnt about life in the Stone Age, tested our survival skills and had a go at Stone Age painting. In school we have been learning about shape and measures in math. We have begun looking at grams and kilograms. We have also spent time rehearsing for our Y3 Carfield Proms which we have been very excited about! 

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In Science we investigated forces and magnets, we looked at pushes and pulls, the strength of different magnets, north and south poles and which materials are magnets attracted to. We used our knowledge of magnets to create magnetic games. We wrote our instructions for our games using the features of instructing writing. In math we have begun looking at shape. We learnt about right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles. The difference between perpendicular and parallel lines. We looked at the properties of 2D shapes including lines of symmetry. We began creating 3D shapes. 

In Year 3 we have been looking at light for our science topic. We have learnt about transparent, translucent and opaque objects. We have investigated how shadows are formed, created shadow puppets and performed using these. We have linked this to our English where we have read The Dark by Lemony Snicket and The Fox in the Dark by Alison Green and Deborah Allwright. We have created stories involving fears and diary entries. In maths we have been learning the time using the 24 hour clock and calculating the duration of different events.