Year 6

Year Six have been working really hard to get their production ready for the 8th , 9th , and 10th July when they will be performing ‘We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday’.They have also been competing in the Egglympics. For this, they had to design parachutes to protect their athlete (an egg) when it was dropped out of the window and onto the playground. We are pleased to report that most eggs survived!

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Well Done! We are really proud of our fantastic Year Sixes; they worked so hard on their SATs and impressed everyone with their maturity and brilliant attitude.

We particularly enjoyed Carfield Café: we feasted on fruit platters and toast before getting ready for each test. A full tummy makes for a good brain!

To celebrate the end of SATs, Y6 enjoyed a morning at the park and a film!

In Year Six we have had a busy few weeks getting ready for our SATs and learning all about World War 2. We have used our History knowledge and D&T skills to create Anderson shelters that would have been used to protect people during the War.

All of the children amazed us with their creativity!