Year 6

Year 6 have had an exciting first half term! As part of their Made In Meersbrook topic, the children have created different pieces of art drawing inspiration from John Ruskin. All of their artwork included beauty from nature and they used different techniques including biro sketching, watercolour feathers, clay sculpting, and half and half photo/sketches. As well as taking inspiration from John Ruskin, they were also inspired by the book ‘The Lost Words’ and created their own poems based on the lifecycle of a butterfly.

In English this term, as well as writing poetry, children have researched Meersbrook Hall, Park and Gardens and created their own non-chronological reports which have been displayed in the gallery. As reading has been a focus, there has been a lot of discussion about different books and reviews have been shared in class. Comfy reading, group reading, reciprocal reading and reading for pleasure have all be regularly included in the Y6 timetables. Some of the Y6 work has also been tweeted to, and responded to, by the authors of our class books. 

All of the children amazed us with their creativity!