Our Curriculum

The Curriculum at Carfield

At Carfield we aim to provide stimulating lessons which connect together through topics. A table of each year groups topics can be found below. Each topic provides a purpose for writing. Within the topic, we teach the grammatical features of writing as the children write, edit and improve. Each literacy lesson demonstrates the features of language and the children are supported in writing their own versions of the 7 text types that we are required to teach. We aim to excite the children to write through a varied curriculum. Where possible, we arrange speakers, visits and activities to provoke the children’s curiosity and motivation.

We place a strong emphasis on the development of the basic skills necessary to be confident independent learners and successful adults. Children rapidly begin to read in our Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1 classes by following a programme called ‘Read Write Inc.’

It is also used where needed in Key Stage 2.

All children enagage in a daily literacy skills session where they develop their reading and comprehension skills in addition to developing a command of all aspects of the English language. In addition, all children take part in a daily English and Mathematics lesson.

In Maths, children explore a concept such as place value, practice the skills needed and apply their knowledge to reasoning activities and puzzles. This is called, Explore, Skills and Apply. Each classroom has a learning wall that displays current strategies to help the children with their understanding.

At Carfield Primary School children develop a strong sense of moral purpose in addition to a respect and understanding of people who have different characteristics to themselves, whether that be age, disability, gender, race or sexuality.

We promote the British Values through circle time, class and whole school assemblies and our Personal Social Health Citizenship Education programme .

A rigorous, well planned curriculum, delivered by excellent staff in an ethos of care, love and support enables our pupils to be well rounded, empathetic young people who have a thirst for learning and respect for all around them. Many visitors comment on how caring our children are for one another.

The skills of computing are applied in all areas of the curriculum where appropriate and we have recently invested in updated equipment.

Religious Education is delivered through the Sheffield Agreed Syllabus 2014. We place great emphasis on visiting Places of Worship and studying the religions represented in our school and wider community.

We believe that our children need to apply their knowledge first hand and we encourage children to take risks and to make mistakes. This is an essential element to develop emerging skills and train positive mental attitudes.

It is our staff team that ensures our children are receiving a broad, balanced and interesting education from Reception to Y6.

Our Curriculum aims to:

  • Inspire children to develop a love of learning.
  • Embed skills to prepare children for further learning and productive adulthood.
  • Take learning beyond the classroom.
  • Develop children to become reflective learners who have a sense of responsibility for their own learning and development.
  • Build confidence and motivation within our children.Grow children who understad the importance of perseverance, resilience and tolerance.
  • Enable children to use their acquired skills and knowledge to observe, question and think.
  • Learn to value others, their views, cultures and beliefs.

Below are the Key Learning Objectives for each year group.



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6