Our Curriculum

Our children will make their journey through Carfield as kind and respectful citizens with a curiosity and love for learning.  Our curriculum is broad, balanced and ambitious for all and is designed to be exciting, relevant and meaningful for all pupils within our community, enabling them to shine academically and flourish socially, emotionally, morally and culturally.  

At Carfield, we view the time our children spend with us as one continuous journey. Our curriculum is designed to build on prior learning and works towards clear end points so that our children are well-equipped for the next stage of their education. Links between topics, subjects and year groups are explicitly planned for to allow children to revisit key knowledge, skills and concepts and ensure these are remembered long term. Children are given opportunities to apply their learning in different contexts, using their knowledge and skills creatively and are also provided with a range of enrichment activities to give their learning purpose and bring it to life.  

Underpinning our ‘curriculum design’ are our key curriculum drivers. These shape our curriculum and respond to the needs of our school community.  

We celebrate difference 

  • Children learn about different groups, communities, cultures and viewpoints. 
  • These viewpoints are represented across the curriculum.  
  • Children are challenged at all levels, achieving high standards whatever their ability. 
  • Children are taught to be respectful and inclusive of all members of our school and wider community. 

We are independent thinkers  

  • Children have opportunities to apply their learning in a range of contexts and use their skills creatively.  
  • Children are taught to question and critique respectfully, especially when they see injustices taking place.  
  • Children have opportunities to develop their resilience: they are taught how to fail and try again.  
  • Children are given opportunities to use their imagination and the safe, inclusive learning environments at Carfield allow them to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings confidently.  

We are ready for the future  

  • The curriculum is designed to be purposeful, relevant and modern for the children in our school community and the modern world.  
  • Lessons build on prior knowledge and skills and learning is revisited and reviewed to ensure it is remembered long term.  
  • Children are given a range of experiences and opportunities and are taught explicitly why their learning is relevant and where it could take them in the future.  
  • Learning is challenging for all pupils and equips them well for their next step.  

Below are the curriculum overviews for each year group.



Year 1 – 6 

If you require more information about the curriculum the school is following, please contact our Curriculum Lead, Ruth Kingdon via the enquiries email address.