Year 3

In English, the children have been writing descriptively, based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The focus of writing has been ensuring that key skills are embedded and writing stamina is improved. Also linking to the topic, ‘Food, Glorious, Food’, the children wrote instructions after making fairy cakes and creating origami, thus ensuring the children have a great ‘hook’ and purpose for their writing. 

In Maths, the children have been learning key place value knowledge and skills and have recently moved onto formal written methods for addition and subtraction. They are making good progress from the number line method to the expanded method of addition and subtraction and have been applying these skills with a range of problem solving and reasoning challenges, many of which have been linked to the topic to ensure the children are experiencing a cross-curricular, balanced diet of lessons and skills. 

‘Food, glorious food’ has been a very popular topic with the year 3 children. The children all enjoyed the health day with Andy from POINTS, in which they learned about the sugar content in some of their favourite snacks and tried new, healthy alternatives. Science lessons have focused on nutrition and solids and liquids, including investigating the melting points of a range of substances and solids (including chocolate!)  We have also looked at the journey of a cocoa bean from farmer to consumer. This has also focused on fair trade; the children have really enjoyed being able to learn about fair trade and how it affects stakeholders. They are currently focusing on persuasion, considering how to persuade all stakeholders involved in farming and selling, that fair trade is a sustainable and positive model for the future. In the final week of the half term, the children designed a healthy meal in design technology, ensuring that they followed a research and design brief.